Jacob Gregson

Angry sociopathic cannon fodder, with a terrible accent


A rather rough looking gentleman who walks staggers around containing barely suppressed rage, a typical brujah. Has a habit of wearing a cheap cape, a poor waistcoat, a top hat and other vampiric affectations but as he lacks the resources to purchase high quality ones- he has a tendency to wear faded or ill fitting ones. Though these are based around what he believes a vampire should be wearing, so if there is a change in opinion of what vampires should wear then he will wear that.


It is unclear as to when Jacob was born, as although the seasons are important and days are nice to know- years themselves mean little to him. He was born in a london slum to a ha’penny whore and an unknown dad, which is not an uncommon sight for london and was taken in by a local gang at a young age. The gang did not teach him unimportant things like reading, writing or science but taught him the essentials for london life- finance and violence. This was a happy time for him, violence and savagery abound- sure there was dirt and near starvation but he was rich in spirit. Through this he learned of important aspects of modern life- how money makes the world go round and that laws can be exploited rather easily. However such activities ended for him as it does for so many, with a choice- army, prison or noose. Thus Jacob joined the army as a penal troop private and went to fight Britain’s enemies- the dreaded french, or was it the russians…maybe the prussians or the welsh. Anyway he fought on behalf of King and country. This was gruelling, marching here, marching there- stand in line, fire and hope that you dont get hit by a random shell but he survived and got promoted to sergeant. He was then demoted back to private for looting, as well as 20 lashes, which he was unhappy about but he realised that it was deserved and forgave the officer who ordered it, after murdering them in their sleep.

Sadly not all luck was in his favour and was mortally wounded on a battlefield in the heart of wales/france/russia well somewhere, at somepoint as ever neither geography nor time keeping are ever of import to him. Well anyway as he lay dying, he thought to himself that at least he wouldnt need to worry about hunger anymore…
…upon awaking, he felt cheated that he still felt hunger but of a different sort. He had been embraced and waiting beside him was his sire- a brujah named Karl. Karl was a scout for the army and had planned to turn Jacob for a while but hadnt found a good opportunity til now, they discussed what had happened to Jacob and his duties to be undertaken. So he was now part of a small group of vampires who aided the army in tasks which needed doing, at much better pay and far more blood. Jacob took to his new life with equinimity, not bothered by the changes so much but bewildered that so much at life, or unlife, that had passed him by. The roles required of him were less about survival based than wholesale butchering, a task which Jacob relished and was regularly commended or reprimanded for going too far in his tasks. The unit he was assigned to was primarily brujah but had a ventrue officer who was able to get around natural weaknesses through the use of privilege and money, through him and his power he was able to get the brujah to understand the benefits of etiquette to his betters and of fear to his inferiors. This arrangement worked well for the war, as the brujah were able to satisfy a lust for blood and money and the ventrue got the praise. These bloody and ruthless actions made Jacob into more of a monster than vampirism would normally endow and thus the holy grew to distrust and fear him.

After a time of these actions, that war ended and so the unit had to return home or face the dawn as a soldier should. The first while back in London was a bustle of Karl introducing Jacob to a wide variety of different personages in London- from a brief introduction to the prince to meetings with senior Brujah and then other members of the clan. Thankfully Jacob had remembered his lessons from his gang days and remembered to save money for his future goals- thus he had saved enough for a pub, or he had thought he had but was a bit short. So to help with things he encouraged the current owner to sell up for a lower price- ie pub or family, what truly matters?
So after having acquired a place to stay and a steady income in good ol’ London, Jacob began to become involved with the local brujah and what it truly meant to be a vampire. Due to a series of idiotic pranks, foolish endeavours and lies fed to him by his sire- Jacob came to believe that to truly progress as a vampire and to understand his nature, he had to not just be a vampire, he had to act like one. This he had learned, from terrible novels and tales,meant that he had to dress and act in a certain manner- a manner that few vampires he had seen acted like, that of a vampire from fiction. Thus he went forth and bought himself a cape, a hat and the other accoutrements that ensured those who saw him knew what he was- an idiot a vampire. He also began to change his mannerisms to further encourage this effect, talking in bad transylvanian, using the cape comically and developing a fear and hatred for garlic.

Due to the fact he was now acting like a parody of a vampire, albeit one with a tendency towards violence and the ability to back it up, many vampires ignored him or pretended that he did not exist. Though he was occassionally of use to those who needed a bit more muscle with little brains attached. As is oft the case when the brujah rabble gathers, a mass philosophical debate began- or rather about fifty or so philosophical debates occurred, with brujah forming different camps and ideas of their philosophies. The main one which Jacob was drawn into was the debate on evolution as many vampires were in favour of this progressive social order question, however jacob felt that this was morally wrong and given that he prefers going against public opinion felt that it was something which he needed to fight against. As such he began a long and utterly pointless quest to stop evolution and step 1 (if he manages to ever do it) is to kill Charles Darwin.

Jacob Gregson

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