Male, medium-build, shoulder-length straight black hair, darker complexion, slightly rugged appearance, passes to be in about his mid-20s, race: Gangrel, about 180cm and 90kg.


Specializes in hunting and tracking, very dexterous and uses his animal-like abilities to his advantage. Flexibility, dexterity and strength high, but his real strength is his stealth. A very mobile and quiet individual. Wears less complex clothes that provide natural protection (brown leather trench, light-weight leather boots, black trousers and tunic, cuffs of coat trimmed with sheep’s wool, carries a large hunting knife- all items of clothing are basic essentials and are colours which allow a higher level of stealth in the night). The hunting knife is large and specially crafted for his profession, it is also his prized possession. He is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat with this knife as well.

He is quick-witted and sharp, though sometimes his animal-like instincts can dampen this and he can become aggressive in very stressful or life-threatening situations. He is also an excellent planner, although he does not speak much apart from when advice is needed, or plans need drawing up.

All basic senses are keen an heightened, especially that of smell and hearing which can aid him if for some reason his sight is rendered useless.

Ears are slightly longer and come to a slightly pointed tip, his hair conceals this well enough, eyes are small and yellow.


He is not a very well-known vampire, but will increasingly get a name for himself, although this is not an intentional goal of his, all that is important to him is that he is the best in his profession.

He was born to lesser-known trackers who taught him his skills. He as well as his family are strongly connected to their natural environment and to the changes in it. As industrialization is moving further East, it threatens this delicate balance, which is what inevitably draws him to England, cradle of the movement. He hopes to put an end to the spread of industry by disabling it at its core by hunting down those responsible. He will stop at nothing to vandalize any modern equipment, especially those which cause pollution. Although the filth of the city disturbs him and effects his overall well-being, he does his best not to show it.


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