Is it possible to be both in the limelight and in the shadows?


Eleanor certainly thinks so. She has accumulated some sort of fame as an opera singer, and certainly looks the part, her fair hair gliding down her back, rivaled only by almost translucent skin. Her eyes however, a vibrant green display some sort of mania, not noticed until you properly look.

Eleanor does not really accept that her fame is only half-hearted and she thinks that any time she is not recognised it’s because she was so good at disguising herself. She also thought that her gentleman suitor (Edward) was there for her to love whenever suited her, she did not realise that she was actually the prey, not until it was too late. She doesn’t mind though – she always loved a good party, now she can just party for longer before she gets tired… and she is sooo much sneakier – she is able to walk down hallways and either have people stare at her, or have nobody know she was ever in the room.

Now she never has to buy another thing again…. The only way things could get better would be if she were able to seduce the prince… then the entire city could belong to her….



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